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[audio]IUMA: aka
aka is a solo artist who enjoys composing music of various genres. Primarily a guitarist. Influences: Page/Rush/Eric Johnson/Classical Composers/Blue Nile/EVH/SRV/Sade etc. Gear includes Fender Squire/Alesis QS6.1/Boss Dr5/Fostex FD4/Cakewalk and a few other gadgets that can be seen at the website. *********************** TRACK INFORMATION *********************** "Majesty & Miracles" The title track to the CD (which is now 6 songs and growing!) A lot of accomplishments in this one...
Keywords: aka
Downloads: 29
[audio]IUMA: aka Lazy
aka Lazy is a solo venture of Richard Penner. No album yet, but work is slowly progressing for an April 2001 release. Some 10 songs are 90% complete and the rest are in some phase of production. Aka Lazy is the second venture, having put my first venture Zero Factor to bed in the summer of 1999... As songs become complete, they will appear here.
Keywords: aka Lazy
Downloads: 7
[audio]IUMA: AKA1
What up this is AKA, I'm a Mc from Chicago now in the seattle area and puttin it down with some of the hottest Northwest Rappers!!! I'm makin big moves in the upcommin year.......keep in touch and stay tuned. Don't forget to check the Roll Call either!!!!
Keywords: AKA1
Downloads: 8
[audio]Lomax Collection Recording of Fanti - Lomax, Alan (Collector)
Akan (Fanti); grammar and vocabulary elicitation.
Keywords: aka; fat
Downloads: 21
[audio]Lomax Collection Recording of Twi - Lomax, Alan (Collector)
Akan (Twi); grammar elicitation.
Keywords: aka; twi
Downloads: 29
[audio]Lomax Collection Recording of Twi - Lomax, Alan (Collector)
Akan (Twi); grammar elicitation.
Keywords: aka; twi
Downloads: 30
[texts]Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Keywords: Akan; aka
Downloads: 225
[audio]Lomax Collection Recording of Twi - Lomax, Alan (Collector)
Akan (Twi); grammar elicitation.
Keywords: aka; twi
Downloads: 43
[texts]Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Keywords: Akan; aka
Downloads: 204
Keywords: BADAI AKA
Downloads: 10
[audio]akaep 3 - crosstalk network
Keywords: crosstalk; aka
Downloads: 13
[audio]Lomax Collection Recording of Fanti - Lomax, Alan (Collector)
Akan (Fanti); lyric translation into English.
Keywords: aka; fat
Downloads: 48
Keywords: ÑAKA
Downloads: 39
[texts]Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Keywords: Akan; aka
Downloads: 411
[audio]ACDC Highway To Hell ( Funk Moguls Re Fix)
Keywords: DJ Aka
Downloads: 830
[texts]A Dictionary of the South Andaman (Aka-Bea) Language - Man, Edward Horace

Keywords: Aka; soh
Downloads: 377
[audio]IUMA: Godteboxn aka DJ Beat
Im a norwegian 18 year old guy who loves to make my music! I try to make my music as outstanding and well made as possible. I love the trane genre and I hope you like my music. Some feedback would be very nice! Thank you for listening to my music.
Keywords: Godteboxn aka DJ Beat
Downloads: 4
[audio]IUMA: Wizdom aka J13
Any Artists that would like to collab with J1-3 should email me at joshazpd69@hotmail.com. Depending on the usage of the music there may be a small fee. J1-3 is an artist out of the Reno,NV area. Raised in Casa Grande, AZ for most of his life but relocated to Reno in Feb '02. Currently J1 has been working on tracks with artists from all over the work. With producers and artists from all over the US and other countries as well...
Keywords: Wizdom aka J13
Downloads: 22
[audio]IUMA: Chris AKA Pheenix
Young Pheenix has been rapping for almost four years.With his rapping skills and his off-the-hook beats,Pheenix has the ablility to sell real good.He raps about what he experienced and how he feel towards today's society.People seem to like him because he raps about different things instead of the same o' same o',and makes him the best of any rap crew he had fitted in.Besides studying with words and melodic instrumentals,he sees how he can defeat another rapper by searching for any flaws they ha...
Keywords: Chris AKA Pheenix
Downloads: 11
[audio]IUMA: NaStEe aka SPiT
17 year old hot spitten young bol reppin da ph for shizzle.. holla at me - yep! Guarentee'd ta get a deal.. i kill every beat i spit on. Dont believe me? check out da tracks for urself. Shoutz to da whole Fair Warnin Squad: Kae Cea, MD, ShAkEz, GioVanNi, doubLez, Theory and Lauren. Holla!
Keywords: NaStEe aka SPiT
Downloads: 2
[audio]IUMA: WeEdIeBoNe AkA LiLB
im still thugging baby...........always ,its that new shit for a nigga to feel....2003! and so on! Holla at them dollas,fo sho
Keywords: WeEdIeBoNe AkA LiLB
Downloads: 3
Yoo whut da deal ya'll i'm tha youngin of tha diss mahhfuka nah mean check out mi tracks and if u don't like dem then thats ya problem u should like them anyway if any of ya'll wanna gimmie feed back or do CALBo's hit me up on Msn messenger or paltalk Msn-vertical_05@hotmail.com Paltalk-LeAtHeL_PaRaGrAPHS aight peace `1
Keywords: A.K.A NAZTALGA
Downloads: 6
[audio]IUMA: a.k.a. Light
www.soundclick.com/lightlabs Light has been rhyming and djing since 1995. In 2000, he ventured into the production/composition, and engineering aspect of hip hop/r&b music, and has been working hard at it ever since. Light calls Jersey his home since birth, and plans to put Jersey on the map. His style of beats vary from dark underground to catchy club bangers, along with his beats he also is very articulate in his rhymes...
Keywords: a.k.a. Light
Downloads: 5
[audio]IUMA: Rewi aka Dj Xtreme
Hi i am Dj Xtreme...I started in 2001 and i make bubbling and trance remixes. My whole familie is in the music bussiness the most are just musicians in a band but some are Dj's so i asked them if i could come one day and see how it worked.. I went there and i discovered that i had "music in me". So i went to a few party's and i knew some dj's and they let me behind the turntables and then i discovered that i liked it very much....
Keywords: Rewi aka Dj Xtreme
Downloads: 10
[audio]IUMA: EZ Money aka Universal
*****NEW JOINT UP, "Etched In Ink 2003 (Official Remix)" ...Be sure to peep that!!!!!!**** ----------------------------------------------- This here's EZ Money aka Universal comin to ya straight outta P-City(Providence, RI). I started rappin over 4 years ago, and am now tryin to get myself out there by using the Internet. I have other MP3 sites up at different locations, such as MP3.com and dmusic.com, but my main MP3 site is at: http://www.soundclick.com/ezmoneyakauniversal This is where I've ...
Keywords: EZ Money aka Universal
Downloads: 4
[audio]IUMA: Deedot aka Malevolent
I've been spinning for about 5 years and producing for 2. The 2 years isn't very constant because I didn't always have equipment to write on. Just as I still don't own 1200's after 5 years...I hold my own though and because I learned on shitty 20 year old decks, moving too 1200's was pretty much a joke...Anywayz, I play what I want and make what I want and if it's not your taste...Oh well...Suck it up and deal with it ;-) Just kiddin...I hope If you don't like this style that I'll help you under...
Keywords: Deedot aka Malevolent
Downloads: 4
[audio]IUMA: Titan aka Kamakaze killa
Emcee from NBC. comp recorded trax that are gettin better as i figure erythin out. been doin this for like 8 years but just gettin a feel for it over the last 2. doin it with a couple of my boys but goin solo now and hopin to put somethin out that erybody can enjoy. a mix between hardcore/politicly aware/and some fun hip hop music.
Keywords: Titan aka Kamakaze killa
Downloads: 4
[audio]IUMA: Lyrical Eye aka FastSkillz
wat the dill - lyrical eye , been in to dis game since i was 8, im 18 right now.. been performin in mad clubs and concerts . i was brought and raised in cyprus .. a small island right next to greece.. im all about spittin knowledge and real shit.. my beats are similar to mobb deep .. i love spittin on dark beats .. hiphop is my life and i express pain , love , misery , hate , jealousy in all my rhymes....
Keywords: Lyrical Eye aka FastSkillz
Downloads: 11
[audio]IUMA: uspekt aka KahnVikt
Just another emcee trying to make it in "the game" is something Suspekt is not. Since he's started writing 3 years ago he's expanded his limits and developed his own style. Coming as original as possible is his main priorty. His music is done, first, for him, then for his family and crew, then for the fans. Ultimate aspirations include starting a record label with his friend/fellow emcee Decibel aka Tripp, but for now, writing, producing, mixing and expanding on his talen will have to do...
Keywords: uspekt aka KahnVikt
Downloads: 6
[audio]IUMA: Dalinkwent AKA Reaper
One man wreckin crew, I'm from the bayous for sho' bangin' the mad head
Keywords: Dalinkwent AKA Reaper
Downloads: 17
[audio]IUMA: DaSinsasion AKA ShadRoq
DaSinsasion is a entire band in one. I started off writing rhymes trying to sound like my favorite artists in the late 80s/early 90s. Then in 1997 I moved to Norfolk, VA to begin college and met some guys that was doing the same thing I was. We all had rhymes with no tracks of our own. We came together and scrapped up some change and bought studio programs for our computers and by mid-98 we were making tracks 24/7...
Keywords: DaSinsasion AKA ShadRoq
Downloads: 33
[audio]IUMA: ginsu aka JE double
Man...I'm tired of hearin' all this crap that sounds the same, hypin ya shit up like you was fucc'n the mac of rap.... If your lookin to hear jay-z, bubba farse, jada piss, eminem or any other candy ass rapper than this isnt the place for you. No hootin n hollarin, no fuccin down south hustler studder step beats either. pure east coast you bitch'z....
Keywords: ginsu aka JE double
Downloads: 10
[texts]Alphabets of Africa - Hartell, Rhonda L.

Keywords: Akan Orthography; aka
Downloads: 102
[audio]IUMA: SiN aka SiN
SiN is the illest emcee to ever walk the Earth. Proven in a thousand battles and a hundred songs, SiN has shown that his verbal dexterity, wordplay and lyrical aggresiveness are without peer in the known cosmos...
Keywords: SiN aka SiN
Downloads: 12
[audio]IUMA: DMINOR aka Sound MEdicine
I started rhyiming words when i was about nine, i started getting serious about hip hop when i was like 15. Now i just try to put as much of my rage and emotion that i cant put out on drunk policmen into my rhymes.Hip Hop is basically my outing, enjoy.
Keywords: DMINOR aka Sound MEdicine
Downloads: 15
Consists of myself a 19 year old hip hop producer originally from Brooklyn but now resides in Atlanta. My real name is Omar Barnes but for my music's sake it is PROLIF aka FIRST SON. PROLIF is just short for PROLIFIC while FIRST SON is just the meaning of my real name "Omar". Started to become interested in hip hop production about six years ago. Started with a personal computer and very cheap and limited music software...
Keywords: PROLIF aka FIRST SON
Downloads: 9
[audio]IUMA: a.k.a. george
A pack of modern-day schizophrenic nomads wandering a landscape of blues, folk and rock, knowing exactly where they're headed and exactly who they are. Raw, passionate, soulful and gritty, Two-Tone Throwback the new release by a.k.a. george is classic American songwriting from its very first note. Simplistic in its beauty, and hip to the point of envy, it is hobo-sophisticate for an empty, emotionless Internet age...
Keywords: a.k.a. george
Downloads: 11
[audio]IUMA: Tony aka Romeo
My Full name is antonio Angel Diaz. I was born in Condado PR. I Represent Pr to the fulliest and Miami. I started my carrer in Miami, Fl in a group called Just Someone to love. I went solo about a year ago and was signed in JAMPR Production in Puerto Rico.I'm a Lover and I write rhymes the ladies like. I've been in this game for 2 years. Im currently single and put my romance into words in my songs...
Keywords: Tony aka Romeo
Downloads: 9
[audio]IUMA: JINX aka M1
Since 88 Jinx has been here. Comes '97 when Jinx started putting out tracks and being featured on others albums. The unknown gangsta, causes havoc where and whenever he feels its needed. Jinx is the "Lone Star" kid. Straight out of Brooklyn comes drugs, murda, robbery, violence, and pain. Jinx aka M1. Murda 1 the side of a killer with out remorce. Keepin this real. Jinx is the kid who lets you know the deal...
Keywords: JINX aka M1
Downloads: 34
[audio]IUMA: capri aka gangsta d
yo yo its just me going solo from the whole Lyrical mafia thats the crew.... Yea Yea its me Capri aka Gangsta D the well leader of the Lyrical MAfia with my boys J-soul, Pretty T, 4play and my bro Blizze.. yo my style of rap is pretty un seen and un-heard of ever in the world of rap so peep some of this shit... yo kats say I would never make it but now look from battling in the streets to get my paper from my CD I made haters so watch for it in the stores..soon......
Keywords: capri aka gangsta d
Downloads: 6
[audio]IUMA: Dante aka Louis Shiffer
Dante will take you to the deeper levels of being a human through explorations in sonic waves. His style is that of a dark--almost Gothic--slow melodies and rolling beats. Louis Shiffer has spent most of his life as a recluse due to his physical limitations, but was also connected to the Internet. He has become the myth of the modern world where you really don't have to leave your house anymore to get things done...
Keywords: Dante aka Louis Shiffer
Downloads: 5
[audio]IUMA: Eminent aka ChildzPlay
Eminent is a Hamilton emcee that has sprouted from the slums of pop music and r&b that has surrounded him his whole life. Eminent began to rhyme in late 2000 around April starting out in text and wack as fuck. But with help and support from his crew Apocalyptic Influentials he became a dope emcee at an amazing progress in his rhyming context. After 9 months of text emceeing, he felt that he had the 'text' skills to make a step into audio emceeing...
Keywords: Eminent aka ChildzPlay
Downloads: 11
[movies]AKA's Genesis Quackshot in 22:23.07
Tool-assisted speedrun: http://tasvideos.org/1009M.html
Keywords: genesis; tas; quackshot; aka
Downloads: 221
[audio]Z's On Deck [WhiteLabel20] - I.Z. aka IDzeroNo
Old Project with DJ Smoke
Keywords: I.Z. aka IDzeroNo
Downloads: 6
[audio]IUMA: Lucid aka Eleventhmind
I started in 1996, got put on in 1998, since then i've i've done numerous projects. Released my first album "The Odyssey" in 1999 along with the group album D.O.G "Deep Organized Game. My new album "Version 11.0" will be coming in 2003. It features Denial of Elephant Size Producitons, Jroc aka knightMARE of Blaqhole Ent. and Adam Matthews.
Keywords: Lucid aka Eleventhmind
Downloads: 13
[audio]IUMA: Shotty Fullclip aka Doze
Damn, im 19, the year is almost 02, and its time to come up. Im makin this music for peeps who are strong in emotion, and lookin for creative ways to let the anger out! Sing my sh*t, it'll be cool then. Another thing about me is im creative, and i am very strong spirited. I stand for what I believe in. No matter what people think about violence in music, its just as creative killing in a song, as it is loveing in a song...
Keywords: Shotty Fullclip aka Doze
Downloads: 32
[audio]You Can Keep The Crown [WhiteLabel19] - I.Z. aka IDzeroNo
Old Project...
Keywords: I.Z. aka IDzeroNo
Downloads: 3
[audio]IUMA: Token aka classical
No description found.
Keywords: Token aka classical
Downloads: 22
[audio]It's on Shore [WhiteLabel03] - I.Z. aka IDzeroNo
Old Projects....
Keywords: I.Z. aka IDzeroNo
Downloads: 11
[collection]Mr. Charlie - Mr. Charlie (aka Slipnot)
Download free music. Concerts in the Live Music Archive are available for download and streaming in formats including flac, mp3, and ogg vorbis.
Keywords: Mr. Charlie (aka Slipnot)
Downloads: 2
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